Reinvent Your Life.

Step outside your self-Imposed limits, change your behaviour & live a meaningful life.

Build Confidence & Self Worth.
Be A Leader (in Life & Business).
Live a Meaningful Life.

Do you feel like the life you want is always out of reach?

Every person has the right to define & live a meaningful life. Stephan Anemaat is a Personal-Change Consultant who specialises in helping individuals break out of the self-sabotaging behaviours that prevent them from living a meaningful life.

  • Understand why you do the things that you do, why you sabotage yourself, and why change can seem so hard.

  • Redirect & refocus your inner drive so that you find greater meaning in your life, your work and your relationships.

  • Resolve the fear & self-doubt that is stopping you from changing your career trajectory or starting your own business.

  • Build leadership skills to make more money, have a better social life, find a long-term partner, and be a positive role model.

  • Get one-on-one coaching to help you navigate the challenges that keep you from sustaining lasting change in your results.

  • Achieve your goals faster by gaining insight, feedback, support & challenge from an experienced personal mentor.

"Rediscover Yourself & Reinvent Your Life."

Every individual has the right to define and live a meaningful life.

Have you ever tried to change a part of your life, only to sabotage yourself?

There is a unique architecture to your psychology; a kind of 'behavioural blueprint,' built over a lifetime of experiences. When you act outside of that blueprint, your mind will find ways to bring you back to what is comfortable and familiar. Personal Coaching can help you navigate that challenge and sustain lasting & meaningful results.

Explore how working with an experienced Personal-Change Consultant can help you in your life:

Meaning & Purpose

Find greater meaning in your life, work, relationships & endeavours.

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Financial Freedom

Make more, save more, eliminate debt & become financially free.

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Leadership & Business

Be a Leader in life & business, or be an innovator at the cutting edge.

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Experience more inner peace, centredness, resilience & anti-fragility.

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Goals & Strategy

Be focused & effective at achieving your goals & aspirations.

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Social Confidence

Overcome social anxiety & have the confidence to form lasting relationships.

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3 simple Steps to reinventing your life:


1. Book free coaching consultation.


2. resolve fear & self-doubt.


3. clarify goals & reinvent your life.

"The Life You Want Doesn't Have to Feel Out-of-Reach."

You can break out of self-sabotaging behaviours to achieve the things you want in life.

How It Works:

The Core Coaching Framework


Self-Worth & Meaning

Self-Worth & Meaning are linked. When you resolve a lack of self-worth you find greater meaning, and when you resolve a lack of meaning you build self-worth.


Behavioural change

Your behavioural blueprint defines your subjective values, thoughts & actions. By redefining your behavioural blueprint, your life will start to reshape itself.


Having the right Systems and Strategies in place is essential to being able to support the new behaviours and actions that you want to cultivate in your life.

"Leadership starts with a desire to better the lives of others."

Develop your leadership potential and innovate new ideas that serve people.

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