Do you want to be more focused, effective & resourceful in achieving your goals?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to set goals and consistently achieve them, while others struggle to even get started? The reasons for this are varied, and just because someone may appear to have a lot of worldly achievements, that does not necessarily mean that they are happy or that they derive meaning from their accomplishments.

I take a whole-person approach to goal setting.

Firstly, with a focus on self-worth & meaning, so that you not only feel deserving of success but that you also focus on the right that bring value & meaning to your life.

Secondly, with a focus on behavioural change, so that your goals are aligned with your inner-drives and we work to resolve the fear, shame & guilt that sabotages your actions.

And finally, with a focus on strategy, so that the right systems and plan-of-action is in place to give you the best chance at success.

Book in a FREE coaching session if you would like to...

  • Have aspirational goals; with the motivation, focus & effectiveness to achieve them.

  • Overcome a lack of self-worth; and resolve the shame, guilt & fear that are sabotaging your results.

  • Implement effective strategies that give you the best chance at success.


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